Can I try a class for free?
We do not offer free trial class but as a new member, you can get unlimited access to the studio during 30 days by purchasing the Discovery Pass for 65€. 

How often can I use the Discovery Pass?
The Discovery Pass is an introductory offer. It is valid once per member, the first time you visit the studio. It gives you unlimited access to the studio (all classes) during 30 days.

Your 30-day trial pass starts on the first booking (not on the day of purchase).

How can I book a class?
In order to book a class, you need to create an account online or through the app (Yoga Room Belgium). Once you have purchased your membership, you can start booking all your classes. Bookings are open 5 days before class.

(Your membership will start on the first booking — not on the day of purchase.)

When does my membership start ?
Memberships start on the first booking (not on the day of purchase). So make sure you book your classes in time.

What shall I bring to class?
Yoga mats are provided at Yoga Room and there is a water fountain so you get free hot/cold water. All you need to bring is a comfortable outfit and a towel if you want to shower after class. If you’re taking any hot class, you should also take an extra towel to put on the mat as well as a big bottle of water.

Are the classes taught in English or French?
Most of the classes are taught in English. Some are taught in French and indicated on the schedule as (FR).

Can I suspend my membership?
We do have a suspension policy. All members (at the exception of Discovery Pass members) have the right to suspend their membership once per year. The suspension is minimum 2 weeks and maximum 6 weeks and has to be taken in one time. The suspension fee is 20€. This suspension can be applied for any reason. Medical cancellations/suspensions will fall under this policy.