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    From beginners to advanced, from slow flow to inversions, there are many ways to practice yoga. Our class offer is rich in variety and levels, giving all yogis the chance to begin, extend, and challenge their yoga practice. To experience the many benefits that derive from this ancient practice, we recommend attending 3 classes per week.


    Alignment [1]

    Fusion Fundamentals [1]

    Hatha [1]

    Vinyasa Foundations [1]

    Yoga for Beginners [1]



    Ashtanga Half- led [2]

    Ashtanga Full-led [3]

    Detox Flow [2]

    Flow 1 [1,2]

    Flow 2 [2]

    Flow 3 [3]

    Gentle Flow [1]

    Jivamukti [2]

    Morning Yoga [2]

    Open Flow [All]

    Power Flow [2]

    Rocket Basics [1]

    Rocket 1 [2]

    Rocket 2 [3]

    Yin Yang [1]

    Hot Yoga

    Hot Detox Flow [2]

    Hot Flow [2]

    Hot Fusion [1]

    Hot Hatha [1]

    Hot Stretch [1]

    Hot Yoga (60’) [1]

    Hot Yoga (90’) [2]


    Candlelight Yoga [1]

    Myofascial release [1]

    Pranayama Meditation [1]

    Restorative [1]

    Warm & Relaxing Flow [1]

    Yin [1]

    Yoga Therapy [1]


    Acro Yoga [2]

    Aerial Yoga [2]

    Arm balance [3]

    Core [2]

    Backbend [2]

    Hip opening [1]

    Mobility [1]

    Prenatal [All]

    Postnatal [All]

    Upside down [3]

    Yoga For Kids [All]

    Yoga Sutras [All]

    Yoga Wall [2]

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    Level 1

    Open to all levels and particularly suited to beginners and anyone new to yoga. Level 1 classes deliver the foundations of yoga and principles of physical alignment in asana. They give new students the keys to a safe practice and seasoned yogis a fresh perspective on asana basics.

    Level 2

    Open to yogis with a regular yoga practice. Level 2 classes require body awareness and a level of physical strength and conditioning. Level 2 classes are not recommended for total beginners.

    Level 3

    Open to experienced yogis looking for a challenging class to deepen their practice. Level 3 classes approach inversions, deep backbends, arm balances and hip openers and therefore require a degree of strength and flexibility.


    Foundation classes introduce Hatha yoga, the basic system of asana practice. Foundation classes cover the most common standing and seated asana, modifications and breath awareness. In Foundation classes, you will learn all about Sun Salutations, move through an approachable sequence of postures and explore pranayama (breath control). Recommended for beginners, foundation classes provide a space to build a safe and consistent yoga practice.


    Safe body alignment in all fundamental yoga postures, breath awareness and breath control.


    Deeper mind-body connection, increased centeredness.

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    Dynamic classes are structured around a sequence of yoga postures practiced to the pace of one breath, one movement. Students can expect to work on body strength and flexibility as they coordinate movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next. In addition, alignment education and adjustments may be minimal.


    Flow between movements, coordination of breath to duration and quality of movement.


    Increased flexibility, mental focus, cardiovascular conditioning, calorie-burn and muscle development.

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    Hot Yoga

    Performed in a room heated between 32 and 40°, hot yoga practices maximise the body’s ability to stretch and strengthen while stimulating vital organs to work with better efficiency. Yoga Room’s hot yoga offer includes the traditional 26 poses sequence as well as hot flow, hot detox and hot stretch.


    Calorie burn, flexibility, lower body strength, discipline.


    Physical detoxification, stress release.

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    Healing or therapeutic yoga is a family of slower yoga practices that incorporate gentle, restorative postures, breathing techniques and meditation. Our Healing classes span Yin Yoga to reading of the Yoga Sutras and Meditation to Myofascial Release. However vast, these are united by a single, inward focus: the cultivation of a more meditative state of being.


    Fascia, physical flexibility, mental stillness, emotional non-attachment, self-study, empathy, mindfulness, meditation


    Joint mobility, increased flexibility, stress release, energy regulation, calmness, self-awareness, self-empowerment

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    Specialized classes is a wide umbrella of classes that build around a particular yoga pose or cater to a certain physical condition. In these classes, you’ll learn specific skills and train targeted areas of the body.


    In-depth exploration of a specific body part, advanced asana, yoga philosophy, intention setting, yoga for pregnancy


    Concentration, physical challenge, clarity, deeper practice, mindfulness

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