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    Fort Jaco


    Niché derrière une allée donnant sur la chaussée de Waterloo, le studio de Fort-Jaco est une seconde maison. Baigné dans la lumière naturelle, le studio offre une véritable bulle d’intimité. Durant l’été, la grande terrasse est ouverte pour se relaxer et connecter avec les autres yogis avant et après les cours.


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    Yoga Room | Fort Jaco

    Lun: 9.00-13.45 – 18.00-21.15
    Mar: 9.00-11.00 – 18.00-21.00
    Mer: 9.00-12.30 – 15.30-21.15
    Jeu: 9.00-13.45 – 17.00-20.00
    Ven: 9.00-13.45 – 17.00-19.30
    Sam: 9.30-13.15 – 16.00-19.15
    Dim: 9.30-12.45 – 15.30-18.45

    • tram 92 > Fort-Jaco
    • bus 43 136> Van Bever

    Chaussée de Waterloo 1487, 1180 Uccle
    + 32 (0)2 793 01 91


    Alice démarre le yoga en 2011, à Bruxelles, dans la lignée des enseignements de Willy Bok (Yoga B.K.S Iyengar à Bruxelles). Elle découvre ensuite l’Ashtanga Yoga qui devient rapidement une pratique quotidienne. D’abord élève de Sergine Laloux, elle rencontre son professeur, Jean-Claude Garnier, et l’Asthanga Yoga Institute de Bruxelles dont elle est depuis lors une élève fidèle. Alice a entamé avec Jean-Claude Garnier une formation en Ashtanga Yoga sur 5 ans qu’elle complète par des Workshops en Belgique et à l’étranger avec, entre autres, Kino MacGregor et Tim Miller. Tout en douceur et en français, Alice enseigne des cours d’Ashtanga à différents niveaux ainsi que des cours inspirés de cette pratique.



    A Canadian yoga teacher who has lived and taught yoga on 4 continents since he started teaching in 2008, Bruce believes in the potential of yoga to transform any practitioner.

    Bruce’s practice, and thus teaching is multi-layered and influenced by the ongoing studies, both with teachers and through self, and uniquely the experiences and connections he has had through his globe-trotting.

    His teaching style varies depending on the class he’s leading, the energy of the students, and his own frame of mind on that particular day. But whether the class is fast-paced and energising, or restorative and therapeutic, you can be assured that Bruce brings intentionality into his offerings that encourage awareness and introspection.


    Donovan’s exploration of yoga and a mysticism led him to Indonesia, where he began his lifelong journey of finding himself. He has completed over 1000 hours of education in the yogic sciences, native spiritual arts, bodywork and other healing modalities. Donovan believes that one can never truly be a teacher without having the humility of forever allowing themselves to be a student. He constantly reiterates that Samyama is the progression we strive toward, and that we train the physical body solely for this purpose. Donovan believes this existence is boundless, infinite and accessible to all who seek with diligence and unwavering faith !


    Julia’s yoga journey started in 2001 at an artist residency in Cyprus where a friend taught her a few sun salutations between sessions in the art studio. From then on, she continued to cultivate her home practice, taking classes and attending workshops. Julia received her 200h Vinyasa yoga teacher training certification from Yoga Moves in Utrecht, where she also completed a restorative yoga training with Lizzie Lasater. After becoming a full-time yoga teacher, Julia launched herself into an advanced teacher training (300h) with Jason Crandell at Triyoga in London in 2018. Julia teaches an alignment-focused flow yoga with an emphasis on creating space and time for the breath, cultivating a sense of balance in the practice.


    Yoga found Lars in 1999 while living in Toronto and he loved the clarity, focus and vitality of the practice.  Adventure called and Lars found himself living in Taiwan and exploring Asia for 18 years. In 2009 he began teaching classes. A passionate student, Lars has completed 700 hours of training and attends workshops on a regular basis with a keene interest in anatomy, alignment and therapy.  His non-dogmatic approach to teaching includes: injury prevention and management; finding a smart balance between strengthening and creating space; and an encouraging, challenging and light hearted class environment for a variety of styles of yoga practice.  His motto: discover with curiosity, learn with passion and be focussed but not serious.


    Magali embarked on the yoga path in 2007 and trained as a Kundalini Radiant Child Yoga teacher in 2010. She certified with Yogacampus in 2012 in London where she returns every year to study with her main teacher, Yogarupa Rod Stryker. She started teaching yoga to children in a Belgian school in 2011- 2012 and has been teaching at the French Lycée since 2013.
    Inspired by another of her teachers, the late Michael Stone, Magali offers fun and creative classes for children and teens. Students learn how to tune into their current level of energy, to improve their concentration, flexibility and balance, to feel calm and at ease in their mind and body, to trust each other (partner yoga), to feel self-confident and to experience deep relaxation. With Magali, young yogis will leave the class feeling relaxed, happy and uplifted.