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    What’s New

    The latest news from Yoga Room Studio

    Outdoor Yoga

    We will continue to offer classes in the park at Le Kiosque, Bois de la Cambre. Stay tuned ! 

    We would like to offer outdoor classes or special events at a new location still secret 😉 

    You can find all the outdoor classes planned by consulting your Yoga Room App, tab « Outdoor Yoga » on the left menu.

    Yoga Room TV is continuing ! 😊

    discover our new category : Asana Tutorials  (library)

    Since we received a lot of positive feedbacks, we will continue to improve the quality of the tutorials and add new ones on a regular basis ! You will find short videos on individual yoga poses. In these tutorials, we learn basic alignment, tips & tricks, and the benefits of the postures. You should try !

    discover our new category : yoga thema (library) 
    In this collection, you will find 30 to 45 minutes yoga and meditation videos focused on specific topic. The goal of this category is to address situation of your daily life and make use of yoga to live with it.

    live streaming classes
    Our new offer from June 8th is 2 live classes per day (so the price is now 15 euros per month for getting unlimited access to the Library AND to the Live Class). Booking Procedures remains the same. Please note : If you want to book from the App, you need to choose Defacqz Studio and then you will get the LIVE STREAMING TAB on the menu App.


    challenges : live streaming workshop
    They had a great success during the lockdown period ☺ We would like to offer them again, stay tuned !

    Yoga Room at waterloo

    Yoga Sisters yoga studio enters in the BIG FAMILY of Yoga Room ! The Yoga Sisters became Yoga Room and the first classes were given Monday June 15th. Alix, the studio manager of Fort Jaco, is the studio manager.

    And yes, your membership give you access to our 5th studio in Belgium. You will practice there with some of your Yoga Room teachers and discover new ones  

    Welcome to Yoga Sisters community to the Yoga Room family and see you soon on the mat !  Discover our fresh new studio

    our latest mailings

    What are the post lock-down restrictions ?

    We have the authorization to reopen under the following restrictionS :

    ✔ Social distance

    ✔ Use of shower

    Toilets are open

    to garantee you the safest environment, we will add the followings :

    to avoid having too many yogis at the same time in the studio 

    Check-in will be open 15 minutes before the class

    We ask you to leave the studio maximum 15 minutes after the class

    ✔ We ask you to use the changing rooms just for leaving your stuff in the lockers (please come dressed for the class)

    ✔ We ask you  to keep social distancing in the lounges and common areas

    cleaning and sanitizing

    Hydro-alcoholic solutions spray will always be available at the studios if you wish to clean your mat and props

    Studio contact surfaces will be regularly disinfected

    Antiviral essentials oils (Tea Tree, Cinnamon and Origan) will be diffused in the studios

    The use of mask is not compulsory for members. 

    mats, props and bolsters 

    Blocks will be available and cleaned after each class

    Mats are cleaned after class as before with antiviral solution as before.

    We highly recommend that you practice with a yoga towel on your mat.

    Teachers won’t make any personal adjusments


    What did happen to my Yoga Room membership during the closing of the studio ?

    All memberships were suspended. We added the extension on each membership and you are able to start where you left it, on March 13th (from the 8 of June).

    Why can’t I log on Yoga Room TV with my Yoga Room account ?

    Yoga Room TV is not synchronized with your Yoga Room Studio account. So it’s 2 different accounts !

    You should log on Yoga Room TV,  choose the 15 euros  1 month unlimited access Live Class + Library and during the process, the system will ask you to create your YR TV account (it’s recommended to use the same username and password same as your regular YR Studio account).

    How can I stop my auto renewal payment Yoga Room TV membership ?

    Yoga Room TV is an auto-renewal membership but you can always deactivate this option by going on MY ACCOUNT and CHANGE PLAN  and CANCEL MEMBERSHIP (that’s means literally that you cancelled the auto-renewal membership and not the use of it).

    Can I transfer my Yoga Room TV subscription balance to my Yoga Room Studio account ?

    Yes, the unused amount paid online can be transferred to your Studio Yoga Room Account. Please send a request to
    [email protected] and they will proceed accordingly. Even though, we recommend you should keep your membership and switch to the 15 euros one ☺ To process please log in, go to MY ACCOUNT, then to BILLING, then TO CHANGE PLAN.

    What are the benefits of combining Yoga Room TV and Yoga Room studio ?

    Many benefits !  Timetable availability (eg 7am morning yoga from home), improving asanas thanks to tutorials to be able to re-apply it during “real life” classes , to set a goal and to achieve it through the Challenges, to continue your practice with your favorite teachers when you travel abroad etc.

    I bought a Discovery Pass before the Lockdown but I couldn’t use until the end ☹

    Discovery Pass and Back to the Mat have been reset to all the members that couldn’t enjoy it until the end !

    It has to be activated before the end of the summer though (31.08)☺ 

    How can I ask for a suspension ?

    Please check this page in order to ask a suspension.

    Why can't I book a live class from my app?

    Please make sure you have chose Studio Defacqz as your preferred studio and then you will get the access to the TAB live Streaming.