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    Every yogi was once a newbie… so we know the feeling! Yoga Room is a space for everyone - whether you are curious about yoga, returning to yoga or have a regular practice.

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    Discovery pass 65 30 days unlimited

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    The pricing option includes 47,08€ access fee to the Yoga Room facilities and 17,92€ yoga fee.

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    We designed the Yoga Room mobile app as a real tool to search, book and manage your weekly yoga schedule. Purchase packages, learn about styles and teachers and sign up for workshops - all this and more is just a couple of clicks away

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    1. Book your class. Download the Yoga Room app, create your profile, purchase your pass and book your first class! Class bookings open 5 days prior to each class. 
    2. If you cannot make it for your class. No worries! Make sure to cancel your class max 2h before the class. A Late Cancel will be added to your visits history if you don’t cancel in time. View our Full Late Cancellation Policy HERE.
    3. Arrive early. We recommend 15 minutes to settle in. Try to spend 5 of those on your mat to transition from your day and into the practice.
    4. Stay light. Wear light, comfortable clothing and leave belts, shoes and jewelry in the lockers. We provide high-quality Manduka mats free of charge. Fill your water bottle at our water dispensers and drink after class. Practice on an empty stomach if you can.
    5. Get comfy. Tea, water, safe lockers and a range of shower products are provided. Before and after class, curl up on the couch to chat with fellow yogis or find a nook and a book. You’re at home.
    6. Drop the phone. We’re a little strict on this one. We appreciate your cooperation in leaving all mobile devices in the lockers.
    1. Release expectations. At Yoga Room, you will be encouraged to tap into your breath and develop an awareness of your physical abilities to move through asana. Our teachers will encourage you to develop your own practice, not to touch your toes.
    2. Avoid comparison. The urge to compare ourselves to other yogis is natural. Try not to let this overshadow the fact that your own mat is the best place to begin your yoga journey.
    3. Focus on your breath. Postures and breathing go hand in hand. Cultivating breath awareness will, in time, help reduce your mind chatter and relax your body. It doesn’t happen immediately, so be patient.
    4. Listen to your body. Means cultivating an awareness of how you feel in order to move safely and sustainably through your practice. If you are pregnant, recovering from an injury or simply low on energy, let your teacher know.
    5. Come back! Establishing a regular practice can be challenging, especially in the beginning. Keep in mind that results will develop in time – trust us on this one!