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    Hailing from around the world, the Yoga Room teacher team is composed of passionate individuals who are also empathic mentors. Trained in a variety of yoga styles, they will lead you through a safe, authentic and compassionate practice. They are approachable off the mat and welcome every opportunity to connect with their students.

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    Adam is originally from Sydney, Australia, and has a training and teaching background in martial arts. Adam is a 500-hour certified teacher trained in alignment and vinyasa by his teachers Patrick Creelman and Rinat Perlman from Pure Yoga Hong Kong. For six years, Adam managed his own yoga studio in Hong Kong before joining the Yoga Room community in 2020.

    Adam’s classes have a strong focus on alignment, yet aim to teach students how to connect to the part of their practice which is deeper than the physical. He believes that with persistence and wholehearted commitment to our practice, we all have the ability to reach our own highest potential through our practice of yoga.


    Astrid attended her first yoga class in Shanghai in 2010. She immediately fell in love with the practice, as did her husband, Pierre. Almost instantly, yoga became a big part of their life. She completed her first teacher training in Hot Yoga in 2012 and a second in Vinyasa Yoga two years later. She taught at Y+ in Shanghai before returning to Brussels, Belgium. Astrid has been teaching at Yoga Room since it first opened in 2016. Astrid teaches Flow, Yin, Hot and Beginners’ classes, as well as Pre / Postnatal classes, which have become her specialty since the birth of her son, Leopold. A talented musician, Astrid loves to bring her various instruments to class and lead both traditional and modern chanting and song.


    A Canadian yoga teacher who has lived and taught yoga on 4 continents since he started teaching in 2008, Bruce believes in the potential of yoga to transform any practitioner.

    Bruce’s practice, and thus teaching is multi-layered and influenced by the ongoing studies, both with teachers and through self, and uniquely the experiences and connections he has had through his globe-trotting.

    His teaching style varies depending on the class he’s leading, the energy of the students, and his own frame of mind on that particular day. But whether the class is fast-paced and energising, or restorative and therapeutic, you can be assured that Bruce brings intentionality into his offerings that encourage awareness and introspection.


    Catherine discovered yoga in 2014 and has been teaching at Yoga Room for the past 3 years. She completed her certification in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in India in 2015 and most recently completed a teacher training in Rocket Vinyasa Yoga with David Kyle. Catherine leads strong classes, offering students the opportunity to challenge themselves and elevate their practice to the next level. She encourages her students to become independent in their practice, to listen to their own needs and to become more at ease in their bodies. Catherine believes that yoga practice may be simultaneously strong and soft, energizing and light. Along with the asana practice, she strives to instil her students with a strong sense of dedication and a calm mind.


    Donovan’s exploration of yoga and a mysticism led him to Indonesia, where he began his lifelong journey of finding himself. He has completed over 1000 hours of education in the yogic sciences, native spiritual arts, bodywork and other healing modalities. Donovan believes that one can never truly be a teacher without having the humility of forever allowing themselves to be a student. He constantly reiterates that Samyama is the progression we strive toward, and that we train the physical body solely for this purpose. Donovan believes this existence is boundless, infinite and accessible to all who seek with diligence and unwavering faith !


    In 2009, I quit my job and went to an Ashtanga yoga training in Thailand and started my yoga teaching journey. That same year, I completed a yin yoga training and taught full time until 2012, when I went to Los Angeles and took Bikram Yoga teacher training.
    In high energy classes like Hot Yoga or Flow Yoga you will find me pumping energy to the entire class from start to end. In softer styles like Yin or Restorative, I will be extremely soft. In all classes, I pay a lot of attention to the students, giving corrections wherever and whenever needed. I believe that hands-on adjustments should only be given when there is an explicit consent so I mainly correct students with my direct and effective verbal cues.


    Julia’s yoga journey started in 2001 at an artist residency in Cyprus where a friend taught her a few sun salutations between sessions in the art studio. From then on, she continued to cultivate her home practice, taking classes and attending workshops. Julia received her 200h Vinyasa yoga teacher training certification from Yoga Moves in Utrecht, where she also completed a restorative yoga training with Lizzie Lasater. After becoming a full-time yoga teacher, Julia launched herself into an advanced teacher training (300h) with Jason Crandell at Triyoga in London in 2018. Julia teaches an alignment-focused flow yoga with an emphasis on creating space and time for the breath, cultivating a sense of balance in the practice.


    Kate discovered yoga at age 20 while training for the Boston Marathon. Her passion for yoga led her to Los Angeles where she completed her first teacher training in 2003 and later graduated from the YogaWorks 300h professional teacher training program. Kate has spent the past 3 years as a full time teacher and manager at Pure Yoga in Hong Kong. Kate teaches because she knows how powerful this practice is and how it has changed her life for the better. She hopes to guide her students in finding a deeper sense of peace and clarity within their physical bodies that will hopefully translate into all aspects of their lives.


    Yoga found Lars in 1999 while living in Toronto and he loved the clarity, focus and vitality of the practice.  Adventure called and Lars found himself living in Taiwan and exploring Asia for 18 years. In 2009 he began teaching classes. A passionate student, Lars has completed 700 hours of training and attends workshops on a regular basis with a keene interest in anatomy, alignment and therapy.  His non-dogmatic approach to teaching includes: injury prevention and management; finding a smart balance between strengthening and creating space; and an encouraging, challenging and light hearted class environment for a variety of styles of yoga practice.  His motto: discover with curiosity, learn with passion and be focussed but not serious.


    Marta started practicing yoga 8 years ago and completed her first yoga teacher training in 2016. She now has certificates in Hatha and Vinyasa, Yoga Therapy (Yoga Vidya Gurukul, India) and Yin (Joe Barnett) and followed the mentorship program at Yoga Room. In 2018, she went on a yoga journey for a year, teaching in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, and studying yoga in India. Marta’s classes combine a traditional hatha yoga and meditation with modern body awareness flows. She encourages her students to respect the needs of their own individual bodies. Marta truly believes that yoga is the ultimate tool for healing both the physical and psychological diseases created through our modern lifestyles.


    Nick is a KPJAYI level 2 Authorized Ashtanga teacher as well as a 200 E-RYT. He is a dedicated student of R. Sharath Jois and continues to make yearly pilgrimages to Mysore, India, to study with his teacher. With over 10 years of teaching experience, he has worked with thousands of bodies and takes a practical and functional approach to his teaching method. He believes that with dedication and hard work, the body is limitless; the only limitations are the ones casted within the mind.


    Born in Taiwan, Nick has 15 years of experience working with the physical body as physical trainer, dancer, and performer in theatre.  In 2005 he discovered the practice of yoga and its many physical and mental benefits. Teaching yoga since 2009, Nick began to integrate his knowledge and understandings from the different physical disciplines and grew his understanding of the body and alignment helping his students across dance, physical training, aerobics and yoga. Nick has an eRYT500 certification with a commitment to continued learning.  In his classes you will be guided by clear alignment cues, a mix of humour, kind encouragement to help new and seasoned students go deeper into understanding their physical body. 


    Yoga Teacher and founder of Yoga Room, Pierre is well known to everyone at the studio as “The Boss”. He practiced yoga in Shanghai for 8 years before coming back to Belgium. Pierre completed his first teacher training in Shanghai with Bill Arce and later graduated from the Wild Lotus 200 H teacher training program with Patrick Creelman at Pure Yoga Hong Kong. Pierre believes in yoga’s ability to heal wounds of grief, physical disability, emotional trauma and disease and make the world a better place to live. He launched the first Yoga Room in 2016 with the mission of bringing the practice to as many people as possible. His favourite class to teach is a dynamic hot detox flow that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed!


    Après une carrière de danseuse professionnelle suivie par une carrière de photographe, Sergine découvre le yoga en 1998 en suivant une amie à un cours d’Ashtanga. Elève depuis 2000 à l’Ashtanga Yoga Institute de Jean-Claude Garnier à Bruxelles, elle a suivi avec lui une formation de professeur durant 4 ans ainsi que divers workshops dont ceux de David Swenson, Peter Sanson, Jason Crandell et Magnus Ringberg. Sergine enseigne à la Yoga Room depuis 2016 et offre, en français, des cours d’Ashtanga traditionnel ainsi que des cours axés sur l’ouverture des hanches et ses bienfaits émotionnels.


    From South Africa of British parents, Shannon started practicing yoga in the 2000’s to help her manage her lifestyle as Director of companies in London and New York. Shannon completed her 200 hour teacher training at Yyoga. Always a student, she has deepened her love for yin yoga by training further with Joe Barnett and Jo Phee, senior assistants of yin founder Paul Grilley. She fell in love with the exquisite healing power of crystal bowls and has undertaken highest level alchemy crystal bowl sound healing trainings with renowned sound healer, Yantara Jiro in London. Shannon brings her personal style of blending meditation instruction into all her yoga classes. Her signature is yin yoga and crystal sound bowl healing.