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    Hailing from around the world, the Yoga Room teacher team is composed of passionate individuals who are also empathic mentors. Trained in a variety of yoga styles, they will lead you through a safe, authentic and compassionate practice. They are approachable off the mat and welcome every opportunity to connect with their students.

    Teachers Fort Jaco


    Alice démarre le yoga en 2011, à Bruxelles, dans la lignée des enseignements du Professeur Willy Bok (Centre de Yoga B.K.S Iyengar). Elle découvre ensuite l’Ashtanga Yoga qui devient rapidement une pratique quotidienne. Elève de Sergine Laloux, elle rencontre ensuite le Maître Jean-Claude Garnier (linéage direct de Sri K. Pattabhi Jois), et l’Asthanga Yoga Institute de Bruxelles, dont elle est fidèle à l’enseignement depuis plusieurs années.

    Alice a entamé avec Jean-Claude Garnier une formation de Professeur d’Ashtanga Yoga sur 5 ans (5 x 500 h), qu’elle complète par des Workshops en Belgique et à l’étranger avec, entre autres, les Professeurs Tina Zhou (Rocket), Kino MacGregor et Tim Miller (Ashtanga).



    Ananda started her yoga practice in 2006 and has been teaching since 2008. She believes that anatomical fluency and biomechanical accuracy can meet and merge with fluidity somewhere along the middle. She teaches intelligent Vinyasa flow, individualized Yoga Therapy, and experimental Mobility classes that honor diverse forms of movement. Her teaching is informed by her experience with various forms of meditation, modalities of self-inquiry, and studies with many skillful teachers including Vidya Heisel of Frog Lotus Yoga (North Adams, MA), Jasmine Tarkeshi and Dana Flynn of Laughing Lotus (San Francisco)  and Jill Miller of Yoga Tune Up (Los Angeles).


    Julia’s yoga journey started in 2001 at an artist residency in Cyprus where a friend taught her a few sun salutations between sessions in the art studio. From then on, she continued to cultivate her home practice, taking classes and attending workshops. Julia received her 200h Vinyasa yoga teacher training certification from Yoga Moves in Utrecht, where she also completed a restorative yoga training with Lizzie Lasater. After becoming a full-time yoga teacher, Julia launched herself into an advanced teacher training (300h) with Jason Crandell at Triyoga in London in 2018.

    Julia teaches an alignment-focused flow yoga with an emphasis on creating space and time for the breath, cultivating a sense of balance in the practice.




    Nick is a KPJAYI level 2 Authorized Ashtanga teacher as well as a 200 E-RYT. He is a dedicated student of R. Sharath Jois and continues to make yearly pilgrimages to Mysore, India to study with this teacher. With over 10 years of teaching experience, he has worked with thousands of bodies and takes a practical and functional approach to his teaching method. He believes that with dedication and hard work, the body is limitless, the only limitations are the ones casted within the mind.


    Originally from Chicago, Rob unexpectedly embarked on his yoga journey while he was a foreign student studying French literature in Grenoble, France. He completed his first 200-hour teacher training course with Andrey Lappa and then travelled throughout India and received a diploma in Yoga Therapy at Yoga Vidya Gurul, followed by a mentorship at a Yogic Hospital in Nashik, India.

    Robert offers physically challenging classes where his students are encouraged to have fun and grow at their own pace. He considers himself an eternal student of yoga and continues to grow with his students. He invites students of all levels to come to his grounding but strength-building practice and support each other on this journey of growth.


    Après une carrière de danseuse professionnelle au Ballet du XXème siècle de M. Béjart, en France, en Hollande et en Allemagne, elle se tourne vers la photographie, se spécialisant au départ dans le domaine de la danse pour s’ouvrir ensuite au reportage humaniste. Nombreuses parutions et expositions tant en Belgique qu’à l’étranger. En 2009, édition du livre «Territoires intimes – Michèle Noiret – la danse cinéma».

    C’est en 1998 qu’elle découvre le yoga en suivant une amie à un cours d’ashtanga. Elève depuis 2000 à l’Ashtanga Yoga Institute de Jean-Claude Garnier à Bruxelles, elle a suivi avec lui une formation de professeur durant 4 ans ainsi que divers workshops dont ceux de David Swenson, Peter Sanson, Jason Crandell et Magnus Ringberg.


    Shiva Nand is a registered ERYT-200 Hatha Yoga teacher with over 5000 public classes taught, covering a variety of styles has led him to focus on teacher trainings for the last 4 years in remote locations. Shiva started with Raja Yoga, a strict 2.5 hour meditation a day under a Guru lineage at age 22. Since then he has completed over 800 hours of Hatha Yoga Alliance courses and started his own school of Yoga called Earth Yoga in 2011. Shiva teaches a balanced alignment of apposing forces within the body for a safe strong practice in any style.