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    Hailing from around the world, the Yoga Room teacher team is composed of passionate individuals who are also empathic mentors. Trained in a variety of yoga styles, they will lead you through a safe, authentic and compassionate practice. They are approachable off the mat and welcome every opportunity to connect with their students.

    Teachers Stockel Square


    Astrid attended her first yoga class in Shanghai in 2010. She immediately fell in love with the practice, as did her husband, Pierre. Almost instantly, yoga became a big part of their life. She completed her first teacher training in Hot Yoga in 2012 and a second in Vinyasa Yoga two years later. She taught at Y+ in Shanghai before returning to Brussels, Belgium. Astrid has been teaching at Yoga Room since it first opened in 2016. Astrid teaches Flow, Yin, Hot and Beginners’ classes, as well as Pre / Postnatal classes, which have become her specialty since the birth of her son, Leopold. A talented musician, Astrid loves to bring her various instruments to class and lead both traditional and modern chanting and song.


    Fanny started her yoga journey at 21 years old and never stopped since. She completed her 200H teacher training in Ashtanga at the Brussels Yoga Loft in 2017 and then complemented it with a Yin yoga training with Joe Barnett one year later. Eager to learn more, she is continuing her education through various workshops including yoga therapy and Thai massage and is assisting Sarah for AiReal yoga. Inspired by different practices, her style is a mix of yin and yang yoga that is also incorporating some mobility work. She offers functional yoga that will help you find more fluidity, mobility and ease in your daily life movements.


    From her mother, a Korean Hatha yoga teacher, Gayoung learned how yoga empowers people and brings positive changes in their lives. Since 2010 Gayoung has explored and practised different forms of yoga and meditation in India, Australia and Uganda. She started with Hatha yoga as her main practice and earned her first yoga instructor qualification in 2012. In 2018 she completed her second yoga teacher training in Ashtanga and she has been practising the traditional method of Ashtanga yoga under the guidance of Anne and Lynne Pinette. During her sessions, Gayoung emphasises the importance of conscious connected breathing to help her students achieve complete focus and live each moment to the fullest.


    Joanna started yoga when she was a lawyer. She was looking for a practice to calm her mind and found it through Hot yoga. She did her first 200H-teacher training in Vinyasa Yoga in Canggu, Bali. After her teacher training, she decided to share the benefits of this practice with others. Since then, she stopped her corporate job to devote her time and energy teaching yoga. In January 2019, she enrolled for the Mentorship programme offered by Yoga Room, led by Robert Cervantes. In October 2019, to deepen her knowledge of the body, she did a yoga therapy teacher training (300 hours, with Kaya Yoga) in Ubud, Bali. During her flows, the pace of the class is punctuated by the breath (one breath, one movement) and also by the music played!



    Yoga found Katie 17 years ago and she instantly became captivated and inspired by the idea of awareness through movement. A former gymnast, Katie began her journey as a yoga instructor by sharing her deeply personal understanding that the practice of yoga can extend far beyond the physical. Teaching since 2007, Katie has been fortunate enough to take her passion for yoga on the road, to teach, study and deepen her practice in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Canada. Katie is 500 RYT certified through YogaMazé. Katie’s classes are physically challenging and dynamic, however they are designed to encourage and develop that positive, nurturing communication within. 


    Madeleine started yoga whilst travelling around South America and South Africa in 2015. In 2016, Madeleine did her 200H-TTC with YogaLife Belgium. She completed her training with Yogalife with 100H of Yogic Studies and Sadhana as well as Yoga Nidra. Madeleine has always been interested by the mind and human behaviour and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Today, she continues learning by following an online master’s degree in applied neuroscience with King’s College London. She also follows a training in Chinese Medecine at “Ecole Zhong Fu” in Brussels. During Madeleine’s classes, expect a classical approach to yoga, with a focus on detailed alignment, guidance to getting to know your physical body and personal hands on adjustments.


    Olivia first started yoga (hot yoga) as a complement to her running practice. Due to a knee injury, she had to stop running. She then participated to a vinyasa class and immediately fell in love with the practice. Later, she was introduced to the beautiful practice of Ashtanga Yoga, and soon it became part of her daily life.

    She has obtained her Vinyasa Yoga certification with Rachel Brathen and Lara Heimann in beautiful Aruba, making her a Yoga Girl® (Island Yoga) certified teacher. On top of that, she also obtained her certification in Yin Yoga. She travels around the world to pursue her training in Ashtanga with world-renowned teachers Sharath Jois, Kino MacGregor, David Swenson, Scott Johnson, Kia Naddermier, etc.

    Olivia has combined her deep interest for the human body and its anatomy and her love for creative movement in order to develop powerful, strong and intelligent classes. She teaches Yoga with a devoted and peaceful heart, because she truly believes that such practice contributes to making people mentally and physically stronger and happier. Through her classes, she hopes to help people become the best version of themselves.


    Simone’s love for yoga’s transformative impact on her life began after attending her very first yoga class in early 2014. Simone received her 200 Hour Vinyasa/power yoga training in her hometown, Cape Town. Simone was The Programme Director for Lion Hearted Kids Foundation (a non-profit organisation that envisions communities of resilient children and families living to their full potential) where she developed and implemented mindfulness-based yoga classes for children with learning challenges and physical difficulties. Simone teaches playful, rhythmic and creative yoga classes inspired by her love for music and working with children. Her most liked classes are Power/Vinyasa, Yin/Restorative and Hatha/Yoga for beginners.