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    pause, breathe, live

    From the Sanskrit “to unite,” yoga brings a wide range of physical benefits and paves the way for healthy minds inhabiting healthy bodies. Yoga Room believes in this union of the physical and spiritual and in a better world thanks to people feeling better.

    Inspired by the guiding principle of "Many practices. One intention", Yoga Room is committed to supporting a community of individuals on their journey of wellness and self-discovery, helping them challenge their minds, bodies and spirits as they strive to be their best selves on and off the mat.

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    5 ways to practice


    Recommended for beginners, foundation classes provide a space to build a safe and consistent yoga practice. Learn all about downward dog, hand positioning and the elements of conscious breathing. You’re on your yoga journey and we’ve got your back.


    Safe body alignment in all fundamental yoga postures, breath awareness and breath control.

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    Expect to work on body strength and flexibility as you coordinate movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next. We recommend practicing a few foundation classes as dynamic classes require some yoga experience.


    Flow between movements, coordination of breath to duration and quality of movement.

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    Hot Yoga

    Performed in a room heated between 32 and 40°, hot yoga maximises the body’s ability to stretch and strengthen. Expect a physical and mental challenge, but also great satisfaction at the end!


    Calorie burn, flexibility, lower body strength, discipline.

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    Healing yoga is a family of slower yoga practices incorporating gentle postures, breathing techniques and meditation. These classes can be practiced individually but are also a great complement to Foundations and Dynamic classes.


    Fascia, physical flexibility, mental stillness, emotional non-attachment, self-study, empathy, mindfulness, meditation

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    Want to learn how to arm balance, hold a handstand or develop a meditation practice? Specialized classes build around a particular yoga pose or cater to a certain physical or philosophical aspect of yoga.


    In-depth exploration of a specific body part, advanced asana, yoga philosophy, intention setting, yoga for pregnancy

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    Our yoga

    From beginners to advanced, from slow flow to inversions, there are many ways to practice yoga. Our class offer is rich in variety and levels, giving all yogis the chance to begin, extend, and challenge their yoga practice. To experience the many benefits that derive from this ancient practice, we recommend attending 3 classes per week.

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    A better world thanks to people feeling better

    Living by the mantra “pause, breathe, live” Yoga Room aims to help members cultivate a deeper appreciation for the present-moment. Through intelligent, alignment-based movement sequencing, yogis both beginner and advanced will experience a heightened sense of awareness and joy, develop a positive relationship with their inner self and learn to cultivate a healthy detachment from daily events beyond their control. Yoga Room believes that the key to a long-lasting yoga practice lies in dedication and an acceptance of where each individual is at.


    Whether you’re new to yoga or to Yoga Room, the following tips will help you feel at home before stepping into one of our studios.

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