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… in a better world thanks to people feeling better in their body and in their mind, thanks to people  conscious they can impact the world, thanks to people inspired and inspiring… Yoga makes these people ALIVE.

"1000 practices, 1 intention." We are committed to guiding a diverse community of yogis in their search for wellness and self-discovery, helping them develop a healthy mind in a healthy body on and off the yoga mat in everyday life.

yoga room Brussels
yoga room Brussels

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Because our members talk about it better than we do, find out why Olivia, Barbara, Sébastien and all the others practice at the Yoga Room.

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I'm very satisfied with yoga room, lots of classes, different teachers sharing their various perspectives and experiences, clean and cozy studios. In short a welcoming place where you can grow.

Adina Gainariu

November 14, 2022

The best yoga place in Brussels! The setup, decoration, services are amaz’… but let’s focus on the smiling staff and awesome teachers! Numerous and various classes with different challenging and caring instructors… I’m a fan! In one word: Kindness all over <3

Melody Van E

November 13, 2022

Salle de yoga parfaite. Cours différents et variés de qualité. Professeurs bienveillants et attentifs. (Translated by Google) Perfect yoga room. Different and varied courses of quality. Caring and caring teachers.

Justine Court

November 12, 2022

Pour moi définitivement le meilleur endroit pour une pratique régulière, on a beau essayer d'autres endroits, on revient toujours au yoga room 👍 (Translated by Google) For me definitely the best place for a regular practice, no matter how much we try other places, we always come back to the yoga room 👍

Amal Fekhar

November 7, 2022

Amazing diversity of classes with very professional yet friendly teachers. Highly recommanding!

Marta Wiśniewska

November 7, 2022

It is always a pleasure to come to Defacqz Studio. It has plenty of amazing and very qualified teachers, as well as varied workshops. I am very happy to be back in Brussels in order to be able to join the classes there more often.

Pauline MOTTET

November 3, 2022

Grande diversité de cours et supers professeures ! (Translated by Google) Great variety of courses and great teachers!

Emilie Wal-Bauer

November 3, 2022

Changed my life!

Stephanie Popovic

October 26, 2022

Unique place and unique experience. Whenever I come to Brussels visiting the studio is on my prioroty list.

Magdalena Krukowska

October 24, 2022

Cela fait un mois que j’ai rejoins le studio Yoga Room Defacqz en prenant le pack découverte... je suis devenue accro, je suis ravie d’avoir découvert cette pratique dans un beau studio propre où l’on se sent bien, qui propose des cours très variés et de grande qualité avec des professeurs si pros et bienveillants ! 100% recommandé - Namaste 🙏 (Translated by Google) It's been a month since I joined the Yoga Room Defacqz studio by taking the discovery pack... I became addicted, I am delighted to have discovered this practice in a beautiful clean studio where you feel good, which offers very varied and high quality courses with such professional and caring teachers! 100% recommended - Namaste 🙏

Lucie Mariel

October 21, 2022

Beautiful space and great teachers. A very nice variety of classes.

Marcela Campa

October 16, 2022

the best studios in the area. Incredibly clean and offers many workshops and a variety of classes. I've taken a many classes and every teacher has provided a phenomenal experience. Perfect for anyone new to yoga or someone who has been practicing for years. The teachers, many with experience from teaching internationally, truly know how to teach and will help you deepen your practice. Proper form is important when practicing yoga and these teachers truly know how to provide the correct verbal cues and adjustments. Highly recommend giving this studio a try.

Claes Thorneman

October 8, 2022

My favourite yoga studio in Brussels!! The multiple locations and large number of daily classes make it so easy to fit yoga into the busiest of schedules. I have found that all of Yoga Room’s teachers focus on a safe practice while also giving each student the opportunity to push themselves and get the most out of their class. The studio itself is always a clean and serene pocket of peace into which to escape for an hour.

Emma Landon

September 29, 2022

A nice diversity of courses and good teachers!!

Joanna Piechucka

September 25, 2022

Des profs excellents Une grande variété de cours Une sérénité dans le lieu (Translated by Google) Excellent teachers A wide variety of courses A serenity in the place


September 23, 2022

Les meilleurs cours de Yoga de Bruxelles ! (Translated by Google) The best Yoga classes in Brussels!

Isabelle Vincke

September 22, 2022

Yoga room is a great place to practice yoga in Brussels! You have so many options and yoga styles to choose every day!! The teachers are very competent and the yoga studios are super clean and a peaceful oasis in the middle of Brussels. I love it!

Clara viñuales luna

September 15, 2022

Wonderful studio, super clean. Great flexibility and a ton of classes. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to get into yoga in Brussels. Between the multiple studios, and classes EVERY day, you definitely can find what you need. You don't even need to bring a mat.

Rhea Jane

September 12, 2022

Love the studio and the atmosphere, really a place where I can wind down after work and feel my body again!

Marina Monciatti

August 25, 2022

Fantastic diversity in class type. Great international teaching staff and extremely clean, comfortable and serene facilities. Could not recommend anymore. Thank you guys for a constantly beautiful experience

Daniel Carrigan

August 22, 2022

Wonderful first "restorative yoga" class at the yoga room! Having practiced yoga in different studios, I must say that I really fell in love with this place! Very cozy, spacious and comfortable environment, very clean and nicely decorated. Very caring staff, both the teachers and the reception team. A real parenthesis of well-being to offer yourself without moderation :) Namaste.

Maeva Legrenzi

July 16, 2022

Yoga room est une salle superbe, propre et j ‘aime particulièrement les petites attentions comme l’eau aromatisée à disposition ou les petits élastiques pour les cheveux :) Les cours sont très professionnels et il y en a pour tous les goûts et tous les niveaux . Je n ‘ai plus de douleurs au dos avec une séance de hot yoga et ça me change la vie !

Lila Satori

August 14, 2022

Idéal pour progresser à son rythme, les cours sont de qualités et variés

Léa Defaÿsse

August 2, 2022

Super nice yoga school. I was pleased to find challenging classes with inversions and physical challenge, which are not always easy to find. Also, in previous experiences in big schools like this I didn't always find such competent teachers, but it's definitely the case here. Plus there is loads of classes and the offer is very diverse. The locker rooms and showers are big, clean and comfortable. Therefore it's a bit expensive. It's totally worth the price, especially when you go several times a week, but it's a budget!

Juliette Paume

July 28, 2022

cadre agréable grande variété de styles de yoga horaires multiples, qui permettent de toujours trouver un cours à un moment qui nous arrange. profs très compétents

Cecile Rittweger

July 27, 2022


Florence Verleyen

July 25, 2022

Yoga Room est l'endroit idéal pour découvrir toutes les formes de yoga avec des professeurs bienveillants et de qualité à Bruxelles! Un véritable espace de détente! :)

Marie Charrieau

July 25, 2022

Cosy studios
designed to reconnect

yoga Brusselsyoga Brussels

The 5 studios of Yoga Room Brussels offer a wide range of yoga classes for all levels and ages, taught by teachers from all over the world.

Discover our classes


Yoga Studio Defacqz


Rue Defacqz 80,
1060 Saint Gilles

+32 (0)2 534 41 61
Yoga Studio Plasky


Avenue de Roodebeek 41-43,
1030 Schaerbeek

+32 (0)2 897 17 69
Yoga Studio Fort Jaco

Fort Jaco

Chaussée de Waterloo 1487,
1180 Uccle

+32 (0)2 793 01 91
Yoga Studio Stockel


Avenue de Hinnisdael 12
1150 Bruxelles

+32 (0)2 897 70 09
Yoga Studio Waterloo


159 Drève Richelle
1410 Waterloo

+32 (0)2 897 17 67

our classes


Foundation classes introduce the basic system of asana practice. Recommended for beginners, these sessions provide a safe space to build a consistent yoga practice and build a deeper mind-body connection.

Alignment [1], Fusion fundamentals [1], Hatha [1], Vinyasa foundations [1], Yoga for beginners [1]


Dynamic classes are structured around a sequence of yoga postures practiced to the pace of one breath, one movement. Students can expect to work on body strength and flexibility as they coordinate movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next. In addition, alignment education and adjustments may be minimal.

Asthanga basics [1], Ashtanga half-led [2], Ashtanga full-led [3], Detox flow [2], Flow 1 [1,2], Flow 2 [2], Flow 3 [3], Gentle flow [1], Jivamukti [2], Morning yoga [2], Open flow [All], Power flow [2], Rocket basics [1], Rocket 1 [2], Rocket 2 [3], Ying yang [1]

Hot Yoga

Performed in a room heated between 32 and 40°, hot yoga practices maximise the body’s ability to stretch and strengthen while stimulating vital organs to work with better efficiency. Yoga Room’s hot yoga offer includes the traditional 26 poses sequence as well as hot flow, hot detox and hot stretch.

Hot detox flow [2], Hot flow [2], Hot fusion [1], Hot hatha [1], Hot stretch [1], Hot yoga (60') [1], Hot yoga (90') [2]


Healing or therapeutic yoga is a family of slower yoga practices that incorporate gentle, restorative postures, breathing techniques and meditation. Our Healing classes span Yin Yoga to reading of the Yoga Sutras and Meditation to Myofascial Release. However vast, these are united by a single, inward focus: the cultivation of a more meditative state of being.

Candlelight yoga [1], Myofascial release [1], Pranayama meditation [1], Restorative [1], Warm & relaxing flow [1], Yin [1], Yoga therapy [1]


Specialized classes is a wide umbrella of classes that build around a particular yoga pose or cater to a certain physical condition. In these classes, you’ll learn specific skills and train targeted areas of the body.

Acro yoga [2], Aerial yoga [2], Arm balance [3], Core [2], Backbend [2], Hip opening [1], Mobility [1], Prenatal [All], Postnatal [All], Upside down [3], Yoga for kids [All], Yoga sutras All], Yoga wall [2]

Level 1

Open to all levels and particularly suited to beginners and anyone new to yoga. Level 1 classes deliver the foundations of yoga and principles of physical alignment in asana. They give new students the keys to a safe practice and seasoned yogis a fresh perspective on asana basics.

Level 2

Open to yogis with a regular yoga practice. Level 2 classes require body awareness and a level of physical strength and conditioning. Level 2 classes are not recommended for total beginners.

Level 3

Open to experienced yogis looking for a challenging class to deepen their practice. Level 3 classes approach inversions, deep backbends, arm balances and hip openers and therefore require a degree of strength and flexibility.

our teachers

A community you can count on.

All our classes are taught by the most experienced teachers. Yoga experts from all over the world, dedicated to help you challenge your body, mind and spirit.

yoga room Brussels

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From € 6,5/Class*

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Single Payment - First booking activates the Pass

No suspension

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From € 5,5/Class*

12 months
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€ 947

Unlimited yoga

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Single Payment - First booking activates the Pass

No suspension

Unlimited Bring a Friend

* based on an average of 3 times practice per week
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